The "Nice News Articles" website was created as a means of focusing on the good things in life, and to give web visitors a retreat from the negative, worrisome events that inevitably flood the news air waves during our daily existence.  With so many good things going on around us in our everyday lives, we should not lose sight of these things that can bring us joy, happiness, and a positive attitude, for without a positive outlook, we can never reach the stars.

When we consider everything that we are lucky enough to have available to us, it certainly should not be too much to ask to give credit where it's due. The time and effort that's been put into something should not be criticized. The good things that once came out of these efforts should be commended, or at least recognized.  And if anything listed here seems archaic, we should remember that you really can't compare products, ideas, or events from yesteryear with today's standards. It would be like trying to compare the beauty of a flower with the seed from which it grew -- just something to keep in mind.

With this website still being pretty new, "Nice News Articles" will be constantly publishing new articles and topics. We will also be submitting news items and product reviews in an attempt to explain unclear points in layman's terms, where necessary.