GPS Navigation

There have been many technological advances in modern society.  With the launching of satellites above the earth's surface, there are now a number of conveniences soon to become necessities, which are soon being taken for granted.

GPS Navigation, which stands for Global Positioning System, is one of the marvels of today's world which would have been considered impossible 30 years ago.  The GPS Navigation unit allows a person to get in his or her car and be guided verbally to virtually any street address or public landmark without having to take their eyes off the road.  For an affordable price tag of around $200.00, a person can purchase one of these portable units from their local electronics or computer supply store and thusly be able to not only travel to any destination within in the country, but the unit almost accurately estimates the time it takes to reach the end point.  A person need only to key in the starting address and ending address into the GPS unit before starting out to travel, set it on the vehicle's dashboard, and then proceed.

There are a number of units available for public use, and obviously some better than others.  More and more new cars with the deluxe package come with a GPS unit pre-equipped, which elevates the deluxe package into the class of a luxury model.  While these factory installed units are extremely handy for the new car buyer, they may not be the best GPS unit available.  For example, the pre-equipped cars in many cases use a somewhat lower end GPS unit, that only instruct the driver to "turn right in 0.3 miles", whereas the better GPS units, like the Garmin model 260, will give the driver a more detailed instruction, such as "turn right onto Spring Street in 0.3 miles".  Nonetheless, whichever model you prefer is a personal preference, and at such a reasonable price, the GPS Navigation will soon become a standard in today's world.